Digital Control (Calibrated in Fahrenheit for use with Flexite)

Push Button (Automatic Safety Return)
Consistent Pressure for Uniform Flow of Plastic
Accurate Reproductions
Space Saver - takes up very little desk space
Low Noise Air Valve made special for Flexite Company
Meets USA OSHA Safety Regulations 
Easy Maintenance
Low Cost 
F-3 Model is manufactured special for Flexite by Tecnodent (Made to Flexite Specifications)
USA standard 1/2" Air line connection
Operates off compressed air
Flexite Technique Manual
120 volt and 220 volt Model F-3 injection machines available 
New Improved heater band for greater reliability and more even heating
Metal air line connectors replaces older plastic type on original M-3 injection machines
Metal sound deadening mufflers replaces plastic type mufflers on original M-3 injection machine
Access door to clean machine of excess plastic- Not a feature on the old M-3 machine
Solid State Relay replaces older style Triac switch for improved reliability (M-3 machine uses Triac)
Injection ram redesigned so it is easy to remove and clean
Adjustable Rubber Feet (Allows operation on all types of table top surfaces)
Flexite performs 1 week testing and calibration of injection machine before we ship to our customers.
Flexite is the Warranty Center for the F-3 Injection Machine. We Service What We Sell.

  Accessories included with Flexite System:                                        

Flask- Heavy Duty Solid Block Aluminum flask with stainless steel inserts
Knockout Assembly and Plug
Air Line Filter (Keeps dirt and moisture from compressor out of air valve)
Release Compound Lubricant For Cartridges
Lifter Tool for Flask
Hex Wrench To Open and Close Flask
Assorted Flexite Cartridges (6) Medium (6) Large
Aron Alpha #221 Bonding Cement for Nylons
Rapid Set Powder for cold cure additions (Pink)
Flexite Liquid Polish
Green Bar Matchless Polish 
Cratex 304F Rubber Finishing Wheel
Mandrel for 304F Cratex Wheel
Flexite Plus repair liquid (Used when re-injecting back to original case)
Sample container of Flexite Paint N Pour Plaster Stone Separator
Sample container of Flexite Acrylic Foil Separator

  Optional Accessories:    

Electric Heat Gun 115 volt (for Clasp Adjustment and Clasp-Eze ready made clasps)
220 volt to 115 volt step down transformer for heat gun operation on 220 volts
Jiffy Surveying Tool (Designed by Sol Soroca- President of Flexite Company)
EZ-Dup microwave duplicating material (Inexpensive-Reusable up to 8 times- just add water)
Flexite Clasp-Eze (Pre-formed clasps for quick repairs) (Available in tooth color, pink and clear)
Paint N Pour Plaster Stone Separator (1 gallon container)
Acrylic Foil Separator (1 gallon) (High Heat Formula)
Flexil Soft Liner kit for full relines and retention gaskets (No Royalties)
  Note: Electric Heat Gun available only in 115 volts. 
  220-240 Volt Customers must purchase special Step-Down Transformer
  to operate this heat gun.  Current Transformer Price $40.00 (US Dollars)